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Olivero Translation Services provides professional translations from Spanish to English and  from English to Spanish documents at affordable prices.  

                           *** All translations are certified.***likebutton.html.docx

In order to ensure that every translation is impeccable; the translations are subject to a rigorous and thorough inspection to check their accuracy and understanding of the message to be deliver.  That is why my review services are included in the cost of the translation. However, I can also review, correct or edit translations made by another agency or by a third party, and texts written by non-native. I carefully check the presentation of a document in its final format. I correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors as well as idiomatic expressions.

The translations are compared to the original, to detect missing texts and inconsistencies in the format and the source. With the highest quality service in mind, you can rest assured that the final document will not have errors. 

A translation requires an in-depth knowledge of the language and culture, in order for the document to translate the precise and accurate message. In most cases, my customers need their documents to be understood by American government agencies and institutions, as well as the private sectors. That is why the texts are translated using American English.

What is the difference between revision (correction) and editing? 

The Edition checks that there are no errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of words in a text which has not yet been formatted. Editing must always precede the review.

The revision (or correction) is responsible for a final verification of documents that have been edited and formatted. Correct surface errors and inconsistencies in the use of grammar, language and format.